Jubilee is a platform for artistic research, run by a group of artists and other researchers


For Attention: Art in the Fold of Education
Doctoral colloquium with Ciel Grommen and Stijn Van Dorpe, and a keynote by Tim Ingold at LUCA Arts, Ghent
02/05/2024, 09:30h

Art & Polarization
PhD seminar & exhibition with a talk by Stijn Van Dorpe and a keynote by Vid Simoniti at LUCA Arts, Ghent
16/05/2024, 14-18h

Communication and audience engagement for art in public spaces
Panel discussion with Stijn Van Dorpe and Elien Ronse on the occasion of Verzamelen Zocalo!, at Z33 (Hasselt, B)
28/05/2024, 09:30-18h

Kitchen Talks
Clémentine Vaultier, Maximiliaan Royakkers, and Ciel Grommen talk about Atlas of Ovens at Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels
30/05/2024, 18-19:30h



Katya Ev in residency: Lactating Bodies
Invited by CC Strombeek, Katya Ev is one month in residency at Jester (Genk, B) where she will work on the sculptural articulations of her research Lactating Bodies
01/06 – 30/06/2024. Open studio: 29 – 30/06



Avant-Garde and Liberation: Contemporary Art and Decolonial Modernism
Vincent Meessen participates with a site-specific installation of Juste un Mouvement in this group exhibition curated by Christian Kravagna at MUMOK, Vienna
07/06 – 22/09/2024

The Lives of Animals
Filip Van Dingenen is part of the group exhibition The Lives of Animals at MUHKA, Antwerp
08/06 – 22/09/2024

A Heap of Stones
Justin Bennett’s new multi-channel sound work at Přespolní Community Cultural Center ARK, Lubná u Poličky (CZ)
09/06 – 16/10/2024
Opening: 09/06/2024, 18h

The Way of the Water
The Platform for Algae Diplomacy (Hélène Meyer & Filip Van Dingenen) is part of an art parcours in collaboration with the rivers Traisen and Mühlbach, part of TangenteSt.Pölten Festival for Contemporary Culture, St.Pölten (Austria)
30/04 – 06/10/2024


Reading Room

Reading Room #32: Fred Dewey reading a collection of images
In the series of Reading Rooms around Fred Dewey, a collective reading and discussion proposed by Clémentine Vaultier, Ciel Grommen and Maximiliaan Royakkers
11/06/2024, 18-20:30h


Translocal exchange

International Artist-Run Hangout Brussels
Brussels Artist-Run Network is thrilled to host 5 colleague networks for a weekend of exchange, empowerment, and fun
14 – 16/06/2024



Anderlecht Artist-Run Audiowalk ugne&maria
A multilayered mind map of the Brussels where ugne&maria came home, composed as an audiowalk through Cureghem, Brussels
19/06/2024, 18h



Verzamelen Zocalo!
A script by and for the village of Muizen by Stijn Van Dorpe and Elien Ronse in collaboration with many people and associations from Muizen (B)
22/06/2024, 15-21h



9th Biennial of Painting
Filip Van Dingenen participates with David Shongo in the 9th Biennial of Painting, Roger Raveel Museum (B)
30/06/2024 – 06/10/2024


Summer School

Commons to Coop: Jubilee Summer School 2024, Ghent
During a week of residency at Kunsthal Gent, we study local histories of cooperative organisation, and work with the new tool for artistic research countermapping Eavatea
01/07 – 05/07/2024


Research grant

The Rite of Spring
Research grant for Katya Ev’s The Rite of Spring was awarded by FRArt (Fonds de la Recherche en Art)



Listening to / in Public Space
Online publication by Justin Bennett in Research Catalogue, of research into audio walks and listening. Featuring detailed documentation of Justin Bennett’s audio walks made over the last 20 years

What is (Not) Had: Reflections on Emptor
In this essay, art historian Steyn Bergs reflects on Jubilee’s collective research project Emptor

Volatile Properties. A Modest Proposal revisited
Contribution by Vermeir & Heiremans in the Special issue of the online journal Finance & Society on Volatility in finance, art, and culture.


Collective research

In partnership with nadine, f.eks and several artists, Jubilee developed a mapping tool for artistic practices. Titled Eavatea, the tool for developing, visualising, archiving and relating practices, it is specifically designed for sharing practices that do not present themselves easily in conventional exhibition contexts: research-based, often in situ, nomadic, collective, ephemeral, interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary practices. It is currently a working prototype, and will be presented during a programme staring with Jubilee’s Summer School 2024, July 2024.