Clémentine Vaultier


Clémentine Vaultier is a French artist based in Brussels (b.1991). Her interest, although trained as a ceramist, is in the surroundings of the fire rather than the production it engenders. Her long term research on how we raise, use and diffuse warmth connects the worlds of ceramics, performance and pedagogy around the fire, literally and by means of documentation. The creating, collecting and (re-)arranging of technical, historical and archival material in dialogue with others allows to create narratives around ‘warmth’, as a basic human need and phenomenon. Doing so, Vaultier’s practice is necessarily plural, in dialogue, and the output intended to keep the fire going.

Passionate about how people lived, live and can live together and how knowledge transmission and aesthetical gestures can be parts of those dynamics, she dives into various media, sources, languages and fields of knowledge to weave a network of collaborative practices.

Vaultier co-initiated Atlas of Ovens, an ongoing collaborative research project on infrastructures of heat, with Ciel Grommen and Maximiliaan Royakkers. Gathering archives and people around heat sources and related narratives, they explore the way ovens operate not only as physical energy containers but also as relational infrastructures, connecting territories, resources and communities.

Vaultier is an artistic assistant to the ceramic department of  La Cambre national school of arts (Brussels) where she also coordinates a transdisciplinary research course on heat and collective firing for master students.


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