Caveat Reading Room #9

Collective reading and discussion of fragments from Zeros + Ones: Digital Women and the New Technoculture (1998), a book by Sadie Plant selected by Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin.

26/06/2019, 18h
Peniche Tenaceboot
Quai des Matériaux/Materiaalkaai, behind:
Allée du Kaai
53 Avenue du Port/Havenlaan 53
1000 Brussels

The text is selected by Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin: an artist duo currently based in Nantes, France. Bernier & Martin have worked collaboratively for over a decade, developing a varied body of work that combines writing, performance, installation, photography and film. Throughout the years, they have developed a particular string of interests: migration, rights, colonial history, games, onomastics, weaving, etc. Their projects explore the issues of hospitality and hosting, as well as the porousness of identity. The works are nourished by open collaborations with storytellers, lawyers specialised in author and foreigner rights, an American auctioneer, chess players, and more recently, weavers. Patrick Bernier and Olive Martin are currently developing a specific research that focuses on the circulation of cultural products on a global scale while problematising the question of the global transmission of knowledge and techniques.

Copies will be available. Caveat‘s reading rooms are free of charge, and everybody is welcome.


Weaving Agreements

While in Brussels (24 – 28/06/2019), Caveat artists Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin propose a collective research into weaving. They approach weaving as a means to record a conversational collective agreement. The programme will be further detailed soon, but one idea is to collectively ‘weave a contract’ that links their research to Caveat, along with the Caveat team and the public.
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