Co-creation: situating the self within cooperative art practices

Workshop by Stijn Van Dorpe at the international symposium Collective Energy: Commissioned Artwork and Public Space at Halle aux Sucres, Dunkirk
12 & 13/01/2024, 8:30-18:30h

Conceived as a tool for proposing critical perspectives on commissioning art in public spaces, the two-day symposium will explore the notions of co-ownership, co-commissioning, right of initiative, participation, sustainability and durability, through presentations by researchers, artists and art world professionals, and a variety of discussion formats.

The symposium is aimed at professionals, students and residents who commission or participate in the commissioning of artworks, and aims to share aspirations for better inventing the common. It is organized in collaboration with a network of biennials and triennials in West Flanders and France, mobilized around reflections on how to produce art.

In his workshop, Stijn Van Dorpe will explore the question of the importance of self-situation and what forms it can take within social relational, interventional, or cooperative art practices.


Free event accessible by reservation
The symposium will be held in French and English (simultaneous translation).
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