COM nu TIES seuils/drempels/thresholds

Group exhibition with Justin Bennett and Vincent Meessen at Argos (Brussels) with a film programme at ISELP (Brussels).


Justin Bennett: City of Progress (2009)
Vincent Meessen: The Intruder (2005)


What does a community still mean for us today? What thresholds do we have to cross in order to meet the other? How do we define a community? Argos and ISELP, two Brussels institutions that have links with the main Belgian communities, team up to organize a large-scale exhibition about the theme at both venues, using Argos’s extensive film and video collection.


With: Herman Asselberghs, Sven Augustijnen, Silvia Beck, Ruben Bellinkx, Justin Bennett, Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson, Jef Cornelis, Teresa Cos, Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys, Els Dietvorst, Peter Dowsnbrough, Pieter Geenen, Ira A. Goryainova, Maria Iorio & Raphaël Cuomo, Esther Johnson, Dagmar Keller & Martin Wittwer, Ken Kobland, Michel Lorand, Jan Locus, Vincent Meessen, Julia Meltzer & David Thorne, Mara Elsa Montoya, Bernard Mulliez, Hans Op de Beeck, Els Opsomer, Miguel Peres dos Santos, Marie-Françoise Plissart, Nicolas Provost, Aïlien Reyns, Shelly Silver, Krassimir Terziev, Harald Thys, Sarah Vanagt, Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby, Effi Weiss & Amir Borenstein. Scenography: Sarah & Charles. Curated by Ive Stevenheydens & Maïté Vissault




Opening ISELP 22/09/2017 18:00-21:00

Boulevard de Waterloo 31, B-1000 Brussels

Opening Argos 23/09/2017 18:00 – 21:00

Rue du Chantier 13, B-1000 Brussels