Crisis, Art and Political Activism
Workshop and lecture by Vermeir & Heiremans at Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design, Budapest


9 March 2018


Organized by Agnes Gagyi and Márton Szarvas


In the course Crisis, art and political activism in Central and Eastern Europe, students from the field of design and design theory reflect on the transformations of their professional environment within the broader context of socio-political crisis and transformation. Issues are addressed that directly affect their professional and personal lives, as they prepare for creative cultural careers in a time of social and political turbulence.


To inform students’ orientation, the course provides an interdisciplinary perspective on the relation between crisis and culture, combining three disciplinary modes on reflection: an analysis of the political economy of the broader embeddedness of cultural transformation within CEE within the present economic and geopolitical shifts; insights of a historically sensitive cultural studies approach on the particular constellations of cultural institutions, socio-biographical cohorts and waves of political crisis in CEE; and perspectives of invited artists whose work engages with these transformations through artistic research and political art.