Dream Map
new audio work by Justin Bennett
commissioned for the 4th Mostre de Arte Digital in Sao Paolo
curated by Gisela Domschke
09.10 – 03.11.2013

“Ever since I arrived in the city, I have been troubled by dreams.
Each night it is as if I enter the city for the first time, and each night it’s a different place.
Sometimes in the daylight, I recognize a place from my dream the night before. Slowly,
walking around the city itself, I am piecing together a map of these dreams.”

Dream Map
is an audio walk around a part of São Paolo which uses field recordings, text and music
to investigate utopian dream cities, the dreams of Paulistas and the reality of life on the street.
Although light-hearted, the work touches on urban myths, Brazilian art and music, gentrification, pollution, electronic surveillance and gated communities.


Dream Map is available in Portuguese and English.

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