E2N Archives Actives

To celebrate its 35th birthday, Espace 251 Nord shares its history with a 576-page book, E2N Archives Actives, En attendant l’année dernière, which opens with an extensive section of exhibition views and closes with an exhaustive chronology & anthology of the 187 exhibitions and events produced by Espace 251 Nord since 1983 under the direction of Laurent Jacob. E2N Archives Actives, En attendant l’année dernière also features the exhibition, Ici & maintenant/Hier en nu, Belgian system, presented in Tour & Taxis, Brussels, in 2001 and including works of Vermeir & Heiremans as well as Vincent Meessen.

Espace 251 Nord is a Belgian art centre dedicated to the production and exhibition of Belgian and foreign artists. To intensify the visibility and circulation of artists throughout Wallonia and Brussels, the non profit organization organizes exhibitions and manages communication in the Euregio Meuse-Rhin and Europe (Rome, Venice, Florence, Delft, Lisbon, Paris, Lille). Espace 251 Nord organizes «extra-muros» exhibitions to get artists works to circulate, in order to raise awareness about contemporary art among various types of audiences. Since 1984, it has also been offering periods of residence to Belgian artists. Espace 251 Nord provides a unique framework for artists to pursue their practice and engage in current debates and researches that examine the potentials of contemporary artistic production.

Editor: Laurent Jacob
Graphic design: Studio Luc Derycke

Publishing and distribution: MER. Borgerhoff & Lamberigts
576 pages, colour, paperback, 2019

ISBN: 978 94 6393 043 7

The book can be purchased here