Eleni Kamma takes part in week 9 of MANIFESTIAMO, a conference at Villa Romana in Florence, with a lecture and round table

05 – 06/07/2022, 18h

MANIFESTIAMO is a collective format including installations, workshops, round tables, films and talks by more than 70 artists and researchers addressing issues related to the artistic practice and its current conditions over the course of three months. It hosts events with different thematic focuses every week from May to July 2022.


Tuesday 5 July 2022, 18h

Eleni Kamma, Taking Place: Parrhesiastic Theater as a Model for Artistic Practice

Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz—Max-Planck-Institut, Photothek,
Via dei Servi 51,
50122 Florence

Kamma’s research project examines how local and traditional European forms of parrhesiastic theatre relate to and provide new insights into critical artistic practices today and how tensions between the roles of individual and group, ‘I’ and ‘we,’ artist – audience – institution, may open up a parrhesiastic space for critical artistic practices. Parrhesiastic theatre takes place in public view and incites the spectators’ agency to speak their minds.

Wednesday 6 July 2022, 18h
Round table on Public Time, Monuments and Ghosts in Florence

Villa Romana
Via Senese 68,
50124 Florence, Italy

With Roberto Budini Gattai (architect and urban designer, Florence), Eleni Kamma (artist, international guest artist at Villa Romana 2010/11), muSa Michelle Mattiuzzi (artist, International Research Fellow KHI / Villa Romana 2021), Esper Postma (artist, International Research Fellow KHI / Villa Romana 2020), Vyjayanthi V. Rao (Anthropologist, New York), Neda Saeedi (artist, International Research Fellow KHI / Villa Romana 2022)

Introduction: Angelika Stepken, director Villa Romana

Moderation: Hannah Baader (art historian, Permanent Senior Research Fellow at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz—Max Planck Institute, and leader of the Research Group Transregional Art Histories. Spaces, Actors, Ecologies) and Costanza Caraffa (art historian, Head of the Photothek at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz—Max Planck Institute)

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