Persona Everyware

Group show with Eleni Kamma at Centre d’art Le Lait, Albi (FR)

08/02/2020 – 03/05/2020. Extended until 20/09!
Opening: 07/02/2020, 18:30h. Reopening 03/06


Le Lait centre d’art contemporain
28 rue de Rochegude
81000 Albi, France

Persona Everyware gathers the work of eight artists and artist duos dealing with topics such as commons, anonymity and the (de)construction of identity in the digital age. A series of videos, installations and drawings will be presented at Hôtel Rochegude. Kamma will present a series of drawings alongside the short film MIGRATIE, both of which are part of her ongoing research project Casting Call.

Participating artists: Pedro Barateiro, Émilie Brout and Maxime Marion, Guillaume Constantin, Kevin Desbouis, Eleni Kamma, Anouk Kruithof and Ingrid Luche.

Commissioned by: Anne-Lou Vicente and Raphaël Brunel / What You See Is What You Hear & Antoine Marchand


In the summer of 2018, Greek-Cypriot artist Eleni Kamma commissioned three screenwriters to write sketches on seven community-related concepts that create disagreement: Democracy, Prosperity, Solidarity, Europe, Languages, Migration, and Pluralism. Kamma borrowed these from the BELvue Museum, which uses them to reflect on Belgium and Belgian society.

In the deep Belgian forest surrounding Eben-Ezer Tower, humans and puppets come together to tell a joke on Migration by Flemish writer, director and performing artist Pieter De Buysser. A volunteer, a politician, an ex-refugee, a journalist, animal-headed refugees and laughing happy people co-exist and narrate the joke.

In MIGRATIE, performers wear masks, distorted reproductions of their own faces. Interactions between puppets and humans serve the purpose of doing things that would be outrageous/not allowed in real (i.e. setting a politician on fire). All this creates a very weird, alienating effect, increasing its impact for the viewers. The exaggerated game between reality and imagination opens up further possibilities on how to act. Using the detour of the imaginary and the artificial to be able to speak directly, might be a better filmic strategy for relating film as a construction to parrhesia.

HD video, 9 min 26 sec, colour, stereo sound, 16:9, English and Flemish spoken, NL/BE, 2020

Made possible with the support of: Mondriaan Fund, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, Grensverleggers, DeBuren, Provincie Limburg (The Netherlands), Centre d’art Le Lait

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