Treasure Island
group exhibition with work by Eleni Kamma
Exhibition: 26.09. – 11.11.2014
Location: Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Cyprus

Treasure Island

This group exhibition seeks to expand discourses of the past in Cyprus and seeks to shed critical light on dominant modes of historical representations to address those stories that have been subjugated, manipulated or silenced.

The project moreover aims to underline the broader meaning of the “political in art”, in a local context. On the one hand as a drive for critical (re)negotiation of the modern history of trauma and of any totalizing ideological strategies. On the other hand, as an attempt to deal with a broad spectrum of crucial issues that affect Cypriot society, beyond the Cyprus Problem.

Ultimately, the project aims to bring forth the culturally inconspicuous, and the latent patterns of Cypriot historical experience, both in the colonial and postcolonial contexts.

Curatorial team:
Yiannis Toumazis, Louli Michaelidou, Anber Onar, Despo Pasia, Kyriakos Pachoulides, Elena Stylianou

More information:

Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, associated with the Pierides Foundation
19, Palias Ilektrikis, 1016 Nicosia, Cyprus