Suskewiet Visions


Filip Van Dingenen’s solo presentation at Waldburger Wouters, Brussels
18/11/2023 – 20/01/2024
Opening Saturday November 18, 17-20h


Suskewiet Visions is a project departing from the folkloristic tradition of Suskewiet, an animal sport practiced in the region of Southwest Flanders in which male finches compete for the higher number of birdcalls. It observes the serial and particular mathematical markings on black wooden sticks which are traditionally used for counting, and reimagines them as temporal ephemera scores produced along the River Lys as source for a future algorithmic sound composition. The project explores how the protocols of a game in between human and caged birds can be a staring point to develop a universal tool to learn and listen differently to our environment, re-contextualising folklore to reveal the potential to harmonise our dominant relation towards the nonhuman.


Suskewiet Visions has been developed as part of the European project S+T+ARTS ‘Repairing the Present’, by artists David Shongo (DRC) & Filip Van Dingenen (Belgium), in partnership with Gluon, Snowball and intercommunale Leiedal. The first outcome was presented at Museo MAXXI in Rome in November 2022.


Waldburger Wouters
Boulevard d’Anvers, 49
1000 Brussels


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