The Black Art of Belgica

FLACC Residency

with Vincent Meessen
at FLACC, Genk

FLACC is a workplace for visual artists that creates the organizational, technical and artistic conditions for the realization of unique artistic projects. Vincent Meessen will enjoy a residency here in October, together with Pierre Huyghebaert.

With their guests Gijs de Heij, Pierre Marchand, Femke Snelting, Raphaël Pirenne, Camille Pageard, they will focus on Belgika, a project developed by Meessen and Huyghebaert entailing open source typography. Belgica is the name of an open source typefont, while Belgika is the collaborative project surrounding the typefont. The project stems from Huygebaert’s research into “typographical archeology”, conducted within the collective OSP (Open Source Publishing), and the interest of Meessen in the contemporary everyday implications of colonial shapes.

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