Folklores and Other Works

Folklores and other works is a monograph on the works of the artist Patricia Esquivias with an essay by Vincent Meessen.

For over a decade, Patricia Esquivias has produced a series of videos resembling amateur Spanish history lessons. This long-awaited publication compiles verbatim transcripts of nine of these videos, including the series Folklore, as well as other
works delivered in an abrupt, interrupted English. Her speeches investigate the singularities of extravagant case studies, while
exposing the Spanish idiosyncrasy, its stiff relationship to tradition, and its anxious strive for modernity. Here turned into printed texts, deprived of her unique voice tone, these discourses corroborate Esquivias’ ability to construct intricate and eloquent plots through the use of improvised speech.

Editing and graphic design: Gabriel Pericàs

English edition

Essay by Vincent Meessen

Publishing and distribution: Biel Books
176 pages, colour, Smyth sewn, 2019

ISBN: 978-84-941444-6-2

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