Theatre performance by Compagnie de KOE, De Nwe Tijd, and Staatstheater Mainz, with scenography by Jasper Rigole.


Forsterhuberheyne explores the various positions that the actors take in relation to the historical figures Georg Forster, Therese Heyne and Ludwig Huber, and their role within the Mainzer Republik (1793) – a short lived democratic republic influenced by the enlightenment ideals of the French revolution.

Scenographically, the actors display a great amount of images that they place on the floor around them. As the images relate in an associative way to each other and to the content of the piece, a parallel and layed narrative is developed that functions in an abstract and visual way.

German premiere: 12 October 2017, Staatstheater Mainz
Dutch premiere: 23 March 2018, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
Belgian premiere: 30 March 2018, CC Brasschaat


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