Group exhibition and publication of a research project featuring the artistic practice of Jasper Rigole at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Exhibition: 06 – 19/12/2019
Opening: 05/12/2019, 20h
Finissage & ONTO talk: 19/12/2019, 20h

Faculty of Design Sciences
Mutsaardstraat 31
2000 Antwerp

Refereren (Referring) is a research project by Dirk Janssen (Faculty of Architecture & In Situ department) focusing on the role and nature of references in the artistic process. As an attempt to render the use of references visible and open up a discussion about their implementation, he contacted nine artists, including architects, to exchange views on this subject. These conversations have led to letters describing and analyzing their artistic practices and use of references, as well as an exhibition illustrating the relationship between the references and the artistic practice.

The exhibition contains nine image arrangements, which result from the individual conversations with the artists. In addition, Kate Kerkhofs and Pieterjan Maes (master students of architecture department) have composed a visual shuffle, exploring the relationships between the material on the different tables.

Refereren zooms into projects such as Rigole’s The Other People’s Memories archive – part of IICADOM, Elective affinities and 81 things which I thought I had forgotten.

Other aspects of the research will be highlighted in the third edition of ONTO Magazine, which includes a visual essay by Maximiliaan Royakkers.

Participating artists:

Steven Aalders, Jantje Engels & Marius Grootveld, John Körmeling, Jasper Rigole, Dirk Somers, Koen Van Bockstal, Benjamin Verdonck, Leon Vranken and Erik Wiëers.

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