Jubilee’s commitment to good governance, fair practices, and integrity of psycho-social well-being

Jubilee wishes to improve the conditions of artists and art workers in its daily practice and is focusing on these conditions in its collective research trajectories, such as Emptor

The psychosocial wellbeing of all people involved in our organisation is of ultimate importance. Hence, Jubilee is developing a policy that will be part of the document detailing our internal rules. Inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated and the integrity of all cooperators is key. The appointed counselor will create a safe space for all concerns concerning personal wellbeing.

Supporting Juist is Juist, Jubilee engages in fair payment – for all her collaborators and beyond. All fees and wages are based on the fair pay calculator.

Two co-founders of the organisation are involved in a long-term working group of the Belgian Federal Public Service of Social Security to improve artists’ access to social protection and the recognition of their atypical professional practice, including accounting for all the work which is rendered invisible.

Jubilee supports and advocates fair practices (inter)nationally, implementing UNESCO recommendations and EU parliament resolutions on the status and working conditions of artists and creative professionals. In doing so, it calls on all cultural and educational institutions, nationally and internationally, to consider the socio-economic challenges that artists face. All should comply with local regulations or guidelines for fair payment, and if necessary, make further commitments Jubilee calls on the Belgian Federal, Regional, and Community governments to develop a comprehensive crisis policy for culture.

Finally, we wish to highlight the sustained urgency of SOTA’s SOS Relief: so far 874 people have made donations to 783 people in need. €230,000 has changed hands. Many people remain extremely precarious and requests for support continue to come in. Please consider making a private or institutional donation.