Potion Cinema 2: Emma van der Put

Evening programme with screenings, listening sessions, and discursive interventions, featuring Justin Bennett’s Shotgun Architecture (2008)

Street access: 18:45h
*Please RSVP*

Dagvorm Cinema
Paul Devauxstraat 3 rue Paul Devaux (6th floor)
1000 Brussels

Potion Cinema announces its second evening, co-authored by Jubilee curator-researcher Jesse van Winden and artist Emma van der Put. Her work Mall of Europe (2018) is a point of departure for a programme with companion works by her (WTC, 2016 and Soon, 2018), Justin Bennett (Shotgun Architecture, 2008) and Myriam Van Imschoot (Lift, 2013).

This audiovisual programme looks at and listens to urban spaces projecting and reflecting. From the present on the future, from here upon the faraway, from the present onto the past, projections gather, filter and fold back their technical, social and economic conditions and pretensions. The projection screen is a subjective surface, the loudspeaker diaphragm embodies many voices. But projections also reflect, informing mirror images: they meditate and echo. They resonate the architecture of the cityscape in ways that can be seen and heard as a concealing transparency until one perceives and penetrates its opacity, dense with missing links.

Potion Cinema is a series of programmes co-authored with artists and film makers. Each edition consists of an evening programme, and a written work in three chapters. It present works by the invited artist and others, host discursive interventions and invite discussion with the audience. Every edition is wrapped in a three-fold publication. The announcement doubles as its introduction. An accompanying essay by Jesse van Winden, who curates the series, is presented during the evening. Afterwards, a reflection is written – the invited artist decides by whom and in what form.

This public evening takes place at a small cinema. Seating is very limited, as is street access. Please get in touch if you would like to join us for this unique event: jessevanwinden@gmail.com

Entrance: free, donations are appreciated

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