Immersive Days #2: Public Immersion

Justin Bennett presents a new version of the locative audio walk, Secret Garden, and a lecture, New Babylon: listening to public space, during Public Immersion, the second edition of Immersive Days

22 – 24/11/2022

Inter Arts Center, Malmö (SE) and various locations in public space

Immersive Days #2 will include a series of projects in public spaces and one day of lectures and artist presentations. The presented artistic projects relate to questions on how immersive technologies change the way we conceive, experience and engage with sites and locations. Can we reconfigure or negotiate the dominating site-specific approaches through new technologies? How can attentive listening strategies render immaterial geographies of our globalized cities sensible? In the words of Pascal Gielen: “when the public space allows us not to meet others but to ignore them or pass them by […], it simply ceases to exist. Politics then withdraw from daily life and the public space becomes depoliticised.”

Participating artists: Justin Bennett, Axel Berger & Josh Vyrtz, Francis Patrick Brady, Jonas Dahlberg, Christina Kubisch, Patricia Reed, Jacob Remin, Alona Rodeh, Hans Rosenström, Sara Wallgren, Yann Coppier, and Charlotte Østergaard

Justin Bennett’s Secret Garden Malmö will invite the audience, through careful listening, to see and experience Pildammsparken in an entirely different way. The project builds on Bennet’s research on the public’s experience of architecture, urban development, and (un)built space.

Immersive Days #2 is organised in collaboration with KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces as part of the project ‘Sites, sounds and screens – New approaches to sites, locality and technology in public art’ supported by The Nordic Culture Fund.

Please find the full programme here