Radicaal Geroezemoes

Justin Bennett talks about his research into New Babylon in episode 1 of Radicaal Geroezemoes: De Sonische Stad, a sonic essay by Trashlinie

Online podcast (Dutch & English)

A version with an English translation of the voiceover will follow when all episodes have been finalised

Radicaal Geroezemoes is a sonic essay in three parts about the possibilities of sound created by Trashlinie, a podcast about urban and peri-urban issues in Belgium and the Netherlands. Trashlinie is made by architecture historian/ publicist Roel Griffioen and sound artist/ radio maker Sjoerd Leijten. Trashlinie is a spin-off of the radio programme trashkot on Radio Centraal and publication platform De Frontlinie.

Conversations are held on location. Trashlinie takes a stand, is not averse to street noise and is recorded in MS Stereo. The best listening experience is with good headphones.

You can listen to Trashlinie on their website or follow it on Spotify, Anchor.fm, Stitcher and other platforms. Trashlinie is broadcasted on the radio programme trashkot on Radio Centraal, 106.7 FM, in and around Antwerp. It is made in collaboration with rekto:verso, Gonzo (circus) and Collateral.

Episode 1: De Sonische Stad (The Sonic City).

The first episode includes interviews with Salome Voegelin, Peter Cusack and Justin Bennett, who talks about his research into New Babylon: both Constant Nieuwenhuys’ imaginary city and the actually existing office complex in The Hague.

An episode about the resonance of yesterday, the noise of the present and the ‘sonic possible worlds’ of tomorrow.

Listen and read more on Trashlinie‘s website

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