radio in between spaces #09 – Jacob Kirkegaard / Justin Bennett

Online broadcast for ‘radio in between spaces’, a platform for sound art, where Justin Bennett discusses and plays from his project Shotgun Architecture and where Jacob Kirkegaard speaks about his work

09/07/2020, 19-21:15h

Justin Bennett, a British artist working with sound and visual media, focuses in his work on the everyday sound of our urban environment at every level of detail. His work combines spatial recordings of sounds with the resonances of buildings and materials. In conversation with Jesse van Winden, he explains and discusses his project Shotgun Architecture, which maps space through the sounds generated by shotgun blasts and plays with concepts of subjective measurement, translations between sound and image, and above all with the idea of the public sphere of public space.

Membrane and Through the Wall by Jacob Kirkegaard are sonic portraits of two recently reinforced border walls: one between El Paso and Tijuana and along the Israeli West Bank barrier. Kirkegaard records acoustic and visual characteristics of the environments he has carefully selected to create spatial installations, sound sculptures and photographs. Kirkegaard captures in his works subterranean geyser vibrations, the abandoned buildings of Chernobyl, calving glaciers in the Arctic and sounds produced by the human inner ear itself, and draws an auditory landscape of the changing human environment.

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After 09/07/2020, the broadcast can be accessed through the Mixcloud channel of Radio in Between Spaces