On the occasion of RE:SOUND 2019, the 8th International Conference for Histories of Media Arts in Aalborg, Justin Bennett will present a talk on sonic interventions in public space, showing material from the recent research project Multiplicity.

In a group exhibition linked to the conference, he will show the work BXL_FLT: a series of recordings made through acoustic filters, together with the sculptural filters themselves.

Opening on 19/08/2019, 19h at Musikkens Hus, Musikkens Pl. 1, 9000 Aalborg

Multiplicity – a spectral analysis of Brussels. Audio walk.

Although “spectral analysis” suggests a scientific approach, Multiplicity is a multiplexed wild ghost chase through the urban fabric of the capital of Europe. A mashup of field recordings, sonic experiments, observations, theoretical and utopian texts, and conflicting multi-lingual instructions guide us through territories defined by language, politics, urbanism and sound.

RE:SOUND 2019 Sound, Media and Art – Theories, Histories, Practices
Aalborg University
Rendsburggade 14
9000 Aalborg, Denmark

19 – 23/08/2019

The RE:SOUND conference is part of the Media Arts Histories conference series, bringing together leading researchers, artists, and scientists on a series of interdisciplinary topics for over 14 years.

RE:SOUND, the 8th conference in this series, will take a specific interest on the theories, practices, histories, etc of art and technology which are focusing on, concerned with, reflecting on, including, mobilising and/or working with sound, as a main component or an integral part. RE:SOUND will host four days with 10 tracks of paper sessions, panels, workshops, practice-based interventions, exhibitions, performances, poster sessions, a PhD workshop and keynotes.

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