Rumours / Resonances

Audiowalk by Justin Bennett at Rewire Festival, Den Haag
04/04 — 07/04/2024

Rumours / Resonances is an audiowalk in the centre of Den Haag which leads the listener on a search for the hidden sound of the city. The untrustworthy narrator speculates about the impact of sound and radiation on the body and recounts rumours about the city itself – the building maffia, underground nuclear shelters, the proliferation of security cameras. It combines environmental sound with specially composed electronic music. Originally made in 2001, Rumours / Resonances has been updated to deal with changes in the city and in technology. The walk is now available in English and Dutch versions in the Tracks app.

This re-activation of the piece will be introduced at the Rewire Festival with an artist’s talk at the Filmhuis Den Haag which is also the starting point of the walk — date and time to be confirmed.

Spui 191
2511 BN Den Haag

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