The Constellation

Justin Bennett released a new podcast series to keep himself off the streets and out of trouble in these times of confinement

The Constellation is inspired by the rediscovery of a large sound archive from his past.

“I’m not sure if it’s an audio book with sound-effects and weird music or a sitting audio-walk.
I have to invent it again every week. Sometimes more wordy, sometimes hopefully more musical.
I don’t know where it’s going to end. None of us do.

Just before the Corona virus hits, a group of old friends, now scattered around Europe, are catching up with each other. They talk about life, art, music, politics and reminisce about the UK in the 1980’s where they met. They’ll soon have plenty of time in isolation to think about the past. Too much time in fact – and there are places in the past that they shouldn’t be going.

Listen to The Constellation here, on Soundcloud, Spotify, or sign up to it on iTunes

Although it is unsure if there will be one every single week, new episodes will be released on Fridays.