The Constellation: series 2

Series 2 of the podcast series, The Constellation, started by Justin Bennett during the first lockdown and inspired by the rediscovery of a large sound archive from his past, is soon to be released.

Release date: 18/12/2020

At the end of series one we left our heroes in lockdown in 2020, while still recovering from an acid trip in the 1980’s. Now the Constellation moves forward into the post-Covid future.

What does the future hold for Carl and his friends? Is it going to be, to quote Michel Houellebecq, “just the same, only worse”?

Trailer series 2

Featuring original music and songs from Gus, The Constellation will resume on the December 18th, just in time for Christmas.

Listen to The Constellation here, on Soundcloud, Spotify, or sign up to it on iTunes