Art au Centre #8

Katya Ev’s Ne rien faire contre rémuneration is part of Art au Centre #8 in Liège

03/02 – 30/04/2022

47, rue de l’Université

and various locations throughout the city centre of Liège

Participating artists: Association Art Promotion (Bernd et Hilla Becher, Jacky Lecouturier, Sol Lewitt), Fabienne Audéoud, Babi Avelino, Camille Bleu-Valentin, Alfonse, Paul et les autres, Angela Dalinger, Ella De Burca, Hans Defer, Laura de Jaeger, Katya Ev, Irina Favero Longo, Laure Forêt, Charlotte Heninger, Chantal Le Doux, Lucie Marchand, Loïc Moons, Miranda Pastor, Frédéric Platéus, Julia Renaudot, Alain Schank / Snach-Ka, Emilien Simon, Gaëtane Verbruggen, Massimo Vitali, Sara Zerguine

For Art au Centre, Katya Ev offers an evolving and participatory display intervention that unfolds over the course of the exhibition via ephemeral announcements throughout the city. The intervention invites the viewer to interact with the artist, through a call for participation during which the visitor/inhabitant of Liège will stick to the French expression Ne rien faire contre rémuneration. In line with labour legislation, the remuneration is based on the minimum wage of € 10.25 gross per hour. The intervention displayed at Art au Centre is a continuation of the exhibition of the artist at NEW SPACE.

These shifts in power, sometimes barely perceptible, coexist with the inhabitant/visitor, while forming both a framework and vanishing point. The interaction with the public initiates a spontaneous and unexpected dimension of reactions and par- ticipation. Like soft power – a term used in geopolitics to designate a ‘soft’ influence tactics between states – Katya Ev’s ‘constructed situations’ can be read as subtle challenges to power structures based on a reconfiguration of elements, engaging with the radial nature of simple citizen action at the limits of the legal system.

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