Entretenir vaut mieux

Katya Ev presents her performance Ne rien faire contre rémuneration in Entretenir vaut mieux, a duo show with Marc Buchy at NEW SPACE, Liège, curated by Dorothée Duvivier

26/03 – 08/05/2022

Opening: 26/03/2022, 18h


Rue Vivegnis 234,

4000 Liège

Wednesday from 15 to 18h
Saturday from 13 to 18h
Sunday from 13 to 16h
The performance is activated continuously during the opening hours.

Ne rien faire contre rémuneration, consists of creating an existential situation in which the visitors of an exhibition space are suggested to sit in a comfortable chair and to get paid for ‘doing nothing’. It deconstructs the idea of ‘doing nothing’ as losing time, the idea of productivity as valuable, and the possibility of merely being present as a class privilege.

You can engage in the experience of ‘doing nothing’ and be payed for it on an hourly basis. The experience takes place ‘here’ [in the space]. You can decide on the time you stay, you just have to know that that compensation is foreseen for the number of full hours. If you are interested, you will sign a contract. After doing nothing and getting paid, you will receive a proof of payment. All applicable taxes and social contributions have to be paid according to laws and regulations.

Ne rien faire contre rémuneration – participatory performance

Legal conception: Katya Ev, Caveat by Jubilee (BE)

Contracts & payments: L’asbl In Cité Mondi /SPACE Collection

Hosts: Mélanie Weill, Dorothée Duvivier, Aurélie Frankenne

More information here

In parallel with the exhibition at NEW SPACE, Ne rien faire contre rémuneration is part of Art au Centre #8, this time taking the shape of a series of interventions in public space.