Ciel Grommen, Maximiliaan Royakkers and Clémentine Vaultier participate in a project by Sophie Dars & Carlo Menon (Accattone), winning the Prix Charles Abella, at Concours d’architecture de l’Académie des beaux-arts, Paris
13/12/2023 – 31/01/2024

Magasin/Magazine is a project by Sophie Dars & Carlo Menon (Accattone with guest architects and artists: Arnaud Depeyre & Éléonore Morand (Depeyre-Morand Architectures); Rosa Fens & Nomi Schrauwen; Ciel Grommen, Maximiliaan Royakkers & Clémentine Vaultier; Annee Grøtte Viken; Vinh Linh, Thomas Mertens & Jochen Schamelhout (Elmēs); and Alice Paris.

For their intervention, Ciel Grommen, Maximiliaan Royakkers & Clémentine Vaultier’s Atlas of Ovens radiates around a hybrid oven; an object gathering different heat practices in a ‘hot corner’. Heating, drying, cooking, burning and reading come together in an object that occupies three corners and an unused chimney in the building. The oven is covered with ‘Icônes plastiques’, that materialize in a tiled surface developed specifically for this intervention. The tiles are conceived as material narrative devices; a series of images taken from the from the Atlas archives and material traces of the local context of Parfondeval, reappropriated and translated into glazed tiles. Through its narrative surface, the hybrid kiln speaks of the history and practices of its use. The hybrid oven invites to be read, and to lose oneself in the possible stories emerging through the connection of its tiles, to be touched, to enjoy its radiant heat, and to heat it up.

Magasin/Magazine is an architectural project that aims to transform a rural building into a ‘place to write and make things’, in between an architectural and editorial approach. The building is situated in the village of Parfondeval, in the north-east of France. Although already inhabitable, it lacks the equipment to expand its publicness and sustain a general drive to ‘make things’. The project proposes to transform the vernacular building into a space for residency, study, parties and the transmission of knowledge; to become a fertile ground to invent other ways of writing architecture “without any difference between doing and thinking”.

Between ‘Magasin’ (from the Italian Magazzino and the Arab makh zan, ‘a space to store merchandise’) and ‘Magazine’, the project operates by accumulation, selection, encounter and the sharing of multiple objects (the content). A succession of specific interventions, based on the punctual collaboration with friends, architects and artists, transform the existing and mobilize different sensibilities, materials, knowledge and know-how. This approach breaks with the modernist heritage of the architect-author, to put forward the figure of the architect-editor, to give shape to a practice that is collective, hybrid and material.

The seven interventions consist in an ‘Equipped Façade’ (icw Alice Paris), a ‘Useful Post’ (icw Arnaud Depeyre), an ‘Augmented Wall’ (icw Anne Grøtte Viken), a ‘Mutant Garden’ (icw Éléonore Morand), a ‘Deviated Gutter’ (icw Rosa Fens and Nomi Schrauwen), a ‘Polished Pond’ (icw Elmēs) and a ‘Hot corner’ (icw Ciel Grommen, Maximiliaan Royakkers & Clémentine Vaultier).

Magasin/Magazine is the contribution of Accattone to the prix Charles Abella, Académie des beaux-arts Paris. It is shown within the exhibition Émulations (Prix Charles Abella), Académie des beaux-arts, Paris, curated by Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou, Benjamin Lafore and Sébastien Martinez-Barat.


Pavillion Comtesse de Caen, Palais de l’Institut de France 27,
quai de Conti,
Paris 6e
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 11-18h
Free entrance


The Atlas of Ovens research is made possible through the financial support of Flanders State of the Arts