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Le livre entre déconstruction et reconstruction


Seminar featuring Prospectus, Vincent Meessen’s publication project.


Pierre Huyghebaert will present Prospectus, a project developped by Vincent Meessen and supported in 2017 by A/R (art recherche). It’s conceived as an heterogenous editorial research space where a formal experimentation takes place . The book is considered as an open space and a dissemination medium made of paper in the digital era.

Together with master students of the typography and printing workshops, Pierre Huyghebaert and Jean Pierre Muller will present their work around a relic lithographic limestone with the map of Congo, in the context of Prospectus.


20/03/2018, 9-18h
La Cambre — auditoire Stynen
21 Abbaye de La Cambre
1000 Brussels


Free entrance. Official language: French


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