On Coloniality: a public gathering

Vermeir & Heiremans are introducing their recent project 7 Walks (resolution) on property and access to cultural and natural resources as one of the participants in ‘On Coloniality: a public gathering’, a proposition by a.pass participants Chloë Janssens, Amy Pickles and Túlio Rosa. Through different artistic and theoretical speculations, the gathering will study coloniality and its manifold dimensions.

10/11/2021 – 13/11/2021
Vermeir & Heiremans will present their project on 11/11/2021.

“Our understanding of coloniality departs from ideas developed first by Peruvian sociologist Anibal Quijano, furthered by two Argentinians, the semiotician Walter Mignolo and feminist philosopher Maria Lugones, and now many others. Coloniality is the modes of organisation of power in colonized territories, and how this extends out into supposedly post-colonial states. It differentiates colonialism, as a historical process, from its legacies. We have been thinking about ways to describe how the colonial rationale is at the very basis of our modes of social and political organisation, how those supposed histories have collapsed into, resonate with, and form our present.

There is a shared desire between the three of us to learn how to articulate coloniality through artistic practices. Our collaboration has grown out of our individual motivations to discuss and re-narrate the colonial practices of the countries where we were born – Belgium, Brazil, UK – and challenge the dominant narratives that compose these histories.

We are drawing connections between different times and locations by following closely methods of appropriation and extraction of land, resources, labour and data. Through different artistic practices we want to draw parallels, observe symmetries and find correlations across colonialism as it exists across all aspects of our lives; institutionally, economically, in corporations, governance, everyday structures of living and our bodies.”

‘On Coloniality: a public gathering’ will be hosted inside and outside of a.pass, a porous programme open to the public. An exhibition will host artist work, reading and listening sessions, screenings, public conversations and discussions. Artists and thinkers that will be attending and sharing their work are:

Jeyanthy Siva

Daniela Ortiz
Nontsikelelo Mutiti
Satch Hoyt
Sami Hammana
Line Algoed
Saddie Choua
Célia Tupinambá
Elodie Mugrefya
Vermeir & Heiremans

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10-13th of November 2021
KBK Gallery, Ieperlaan 20, Brussels