PAM p.m. 3

24/02/2021, 14-16h. Online

Third monthly session of the informal meetings between peers from the audiovisual, sound, and media arts community

PAM (Platform for audiovisual and media arts) shares knowledge about the development, production, distribution, presentation, and reflection of audiovisual and media arts. With this aim we started, gatherings where this exchange can take place in an informal setting. Previous PAM p.m.’s proved that there is indeed a strong need for sharing knowledge in our field.

Pieter-Paul Mortier (Courtisane) and Marie Logie (Auguste Orts) assembled a group of well-versed conversation partners ranging from producers to curators, artists and filmmakers, at your service.

Platform for audiovisual and media arts (PAM) has grown out of a diverse assembly of organisations working with artists’ film, sound art, or media art who regularly meet to discuss common issues. This informal platform wants to share its knowledge with the broad community of artists, curators, producers and organisations active in this field.

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