Piscine Plaisirs and Porosité

Clémentine Vaultier, whose project A Research on Rising Warmth with a Few Detours is embedded within Caveat and Emptor’s research trajectories, takes part in the group show Synonymes d’objets // Matières premières, organised by Becraft at Eleven Steens, Brussels.

24/02/2022 – 10/04/2022
Eleven Steens, Brussels

Clémentine Vaultier explores social and ritualistic realms, through dynamics of fluidity, transmission, commons, empathy, care, hospitality… She presented her workbook and various researches on warmth during a Caveat Reading Room. In the framework of her collaboration with Caveat’s next chapter, Emptor, the artist will be sharing texts and research from the Jolimont project, focusing on patrimonial questions, property and commons.

In the context of Jubilee’s collective research trajectories Caveat Emptor, curator Patricia Couvet wrote about Clémentine’s work:

“The chemical transformation of clay is the starting point of Clémentine Vaultier’s work around the sensory coding of warmth and its social uses.

The ceramic series Piscine Plaisirs (2020) addresses the contemporary mythology of swimming pools. As the successive improvements of heating technology seems to have dissolved the variation(s) between warm and cold, inside and outside, winter and summer, swimming pools become the symbol of refreshing peacefulness during a hot summer that shamelessly challenge climate change in a capitalist society. Each Piscine Plaisirs‘s backside reveals the glazing recipe. Consequently, the logic of the ceramist’s secret recipe is being reversed and the appropriation gesture makes it permeable again.

In the video Porosité (2020) Vaultier sheds light on the material and social qualities of the interdependency between fluid and solid.
At the same time, she retraces the historical and recent uses of recipients and glazing techniques as ways to negotiate permeability, holding water while simulating the blue sea.”

Extract from a text written by Couvet, on Vaultier’s A Research on Rising Warmth with a Few Detours in the context of Caveat Emptor

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Eleven Steens
Rue Steensstraat 11

1060 Brussels