The 13th Istanbul Biennal Book


The publication contains a contribution by Andrea Phillips, reflecting on the Biennial’s Public Programme, of which Vermeir & Heiremans’ performance Art House Index and the protests during this performance were part. The Biennials curator Fulya Erdemci reflects on the artists’ video The Residence (a wager for the afterlife) and the performance Art House Index in Art and Capital: Institutional Critique Reloaded, a chapter of her curatorial text Mom, Am I Barbarian?
Edited by Fulya Erdemci with coordinating editor Demet  Yildiz and designed by LAVA Amsterdam, the book provides a comprehensive documentation of the biennial, bringing together a visual narrative of exhibited works throughout the venues, poems by Lale Muldur and Ahmet Guntan, and commissioned essays by Alberto Lopez Cuenca, Andrea Phillips, Dan Hind, Ilhan Tekeli, Suhail Malik, Suna Ertugrul, Sureyyya Evren and Teddy Cruz.
Following a foreword by Istanbul Biennial Director Bige Orer, the book continues with Fulya Erdemci’s text, in which the curator regards the artworks as protagonists, and highlights their conceptual, thematic, and formal interrelations as well as references to each other. Erdemci seeks to introduce the curatorial thinking, agenda, and grammar of the exhibition in the first part of her text, and then goes on in the second part to describe how these ideas and themes were spatially embodied in the five venues of the biennial.


The Book of the 13th Istanbul Biennial can be downloaded for free on the biennial’s website or purchased at IKSV Design Store, and Yapi Kredi Publishing.