Radio Interview
with Justin Bennett
By Michael Rüsenberg for hr2-kultur

Last month, on March 15 2014, Justin Bennett was interviewed by German music journalist Michael Rüsenberg as part of a radio broadcast on hr2-kultur.

The interview in which Bennett talks about the aesthetics of field recording, soundwalks and listening, is mixed together with excerpts from a number of audio pieces,  including The Garden, Beirut Story and The Well.

Listen to the full interview here.

Michael Rüsenberg (*1948, lives and works in Cologne) is a German music critic, author, composer and sound artists. He regularly moderates programs on the cultural radio WDR 3 Jazz, WDR 3 Jazznacht und WDR 3 Konzert.

Rüsenberg runs his own soundart label as well as his soundart website RealAmbient

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