Reading Room #02
Workshop on Art & Value
Sat 07/02 from 4 to 10 pm
Sun 08/02 from 10 am to 6 pm


The number of participants for this workshop is limited.
Contact us if you want to participate:


On the occasion of the production and presentation of their new video MASQUERADE, Spring 2015, Vermeir & Heiremans organize a workshop on Art & Value, the output of which will be published in a new edition of In-Residence Magazine. The magazine will also introduce some of their extensive research for this project, next to a series of commissioned texts.


A central issue in this workshop is the question if / how contemporary art and the world of finance are mirroring worlds, and if this is expressive of the way contemporary art value is created today. Based on an analogy with the semiotics of the financial markets the workshop conceptualizes contemporary art as a microcosm that is not only emblematic but forms an avant-garde for global capitalist invention. We will analyse the concept of value as a belief system that, through conceptualising exchange value to an exquisite level, empowers the abstract financialisation that is now the dominant mechanism of global economics. The workshop aims to examine closely the financial structures that support art’s production as well as the subjective forms of autonomy and authorship upon which it is based. After all, art, like finance, is a system of belief and markets are where this belief is put to work.


The workshop will be led by Andrea Phillips, Professor of Fine Art and Director of PhD programmes in the Art Department at Goldsmiths. Andrea lectures and writes about the economic and social construction of publics within contemporary art.


The workshop will host two guest speaker:
Em. Dr. Prof. Eric Corijn (Cosmopolis, Center for Urban Research) and
Fabian Bocart PhD (Tutela Capital, wealth management organization specialized in art as alternative asset).