Reading Room #26: Art library as a practice

Working towards Emptor’s fourth Assembly of Practice, ‘Whose collection?’ Jubilee invites you to Reading Room #26, around a text that unfolds the story of a library in an artist-run space in Beirut.

30/01/2023, 16-18h

a.pass, Brussels

A collective reading of ‘Threads from the Labyrinth (About a Library in Beirut)’ by Rachel Dedman from shelf documents: art library as practice (ed. Heide Hinrichs, Jo-ey Tang and Elizabeth Haines), 2021. This moment of shared reading and discussion touches upon libraries that are more than books, their produsers, and their connections. They can create space for the unexpected, intimate and unruly within the supposedly rigid structure of a ‘collection’.

#How to imagine collections as shared practice?

The text was carefully selected by artists Vijai Patchineelam and Heide Hinrichs, in the framework of the upcoming workshop Disseminated Escapes addressing the unknown future of a.pass library. Doing so, we connect a.pass’ ongoing trajectories to Emptor’s in view of the upcoming Assembly of Practice ‘Whose collection?’ (3 March 2023 at a.pass).

#Why do some threads stay in your hands while others go astray?

Caveat’s events are free of charge, and everybody is welcome.

How to get there?

a.pass @ Bottelarij/Brussels Event Brewery
Delaunoystraat 58/17
1080 Molenbeek Brussels

Door bell “a.pass” —> walk or bike into the parking space —> turn left —> walk till the end —> turn left —> and immediately left again. Red elevator to the 4th floor. Turn around the elevator shaft and walk towards the ping pong table. a.pass collective studio space is on the left.

Text in English. Copies will be provided. If you would like to read the text in advance, feel free to send us an email:

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