Reading Room #32: Fred Dewey reading a collection of images

The fifth in a new series of Reading Rooms around the library of the American thinker and organiser Fred Dewey, a collective image-reading and discussion taking as a point of departure the collective artistic project The Atlas of Ovens

11/06/2024, 18-20:30h

“People are more willing to talk … when they’re sharing something deeply meaningful with each other. That’s why poetry becomes the foundation of a new kind of dialogue.” (Fred Dewey)

Dewey had a fierce commitment to creating public spaces for intellectual and political engagement. His home base was Los Angeles, but the last years of his life he spent in Brussels. In 2022 Dewey died unexpectedly. To ensure the continuation of his legacy, the Fred Dewey Legacy Project was initated, aiming to set up initiatives that extend Dewey’s work, as well as preserve his considerable library.

Summer 2023 artists Filip van Dingenen and Hélène Meyer re-installed part of Dewey’s extensive library. They are opening up his collection of books to artists and researchers from their studio home. One way to activate this library is Jubilee’s 2024 Reading Room program. This program performs a collective knowledge transfer – using the library as a situated research tool from which each Jubilee artist can select a title and propose it for a collective reading and discussion session.

This reading room is proposed by Clémentine Vaultier, Ciel Grommen and Maximiliaan Royakkers, the artists behind The Atlas of Ovens


Calendar of Fred Dewey Reading Rooms

23 January: Reading Room #28: Fred Dewey and School of Public Life proposed by Filip Van Dingenen
13 February: Reading Room #29: Fred Dewey and The Ignorant Schoolmaster proposed by Clémentine Vaultier
19 March: Reading Room #30: Fred Dewey and Art as Experience proposed by Maximiliaan Royakkers
23 April: Reading Room #31: Fred Dewey and Walter Benjamin proposed by Vincent Meessen
May: no Reading Room
11 June: Reading Room #32 proposed by Ciel Grommen, Maximiliaan Royakkers and Clémentine Vaultier (of the project Atlas of Ovens)
2 July: Reading Room #33 proposed by Louise de Bethune at Kunsthal Gent

Each reading room takes place from 18-20:30h. Soup and bread will be provided


Location Reading Room #32
Rue Montenegro 127
1190 Forest