The City after Lockdown: a European love letter to our public spaces after quarantine

Online workshop on sensitive urbanism by Magda Maaoui and Rocio Calzado-Lopez

29/06/2020, 19-20:30h

We witnessed the city’s evolution from our bedroom.

We were locked down and we missed our streets. We could only visit them with the purpose of specific vital tasks, such as going to the doctor or buying food. Life was supposed to happen indoors.

Then we witnessed it completely transformed once lockdown was over.

How does the larger creative community in Europe cope with times of lockdown and post-lockdown rebirth of public spaces? This workshop studies the relationship between the city of logistics (the activities that support practical sides of our life) and the city of social encounters and symbolic representations (the parts of the city that feed our social and emotional needs).

Magda Maaoui is an urban geographer. Her research interests are urban governing, inequality, housing policies, social stratification, participatory planning methods… She collaborates with architect and designer Rocio Calzado-Lopez, based in Madrid and Rotterdam, working for MVRDV’s architecture office.

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