The Art of Cold War Science

Performance by BMB con. (Justin Bennett’s performance collective) at iii (Instrument Inventors Initiative), Den Haag/The Hague
16/09/2023, 20h

BMB con., Jasna Veličković, and Joost Rekveld explore “The Art of Cold War Science”. What do espionage, chaos theory and the art of cold war science have in common? You will find out through the adventurous extrapolations of BMB con., Jasna Veličković, and the renowned Joost Rekveld. The evening will be launched on board Veličković’s magnetic synthesizer, followed by Rekveld’s film about a cybernetician in the 1960s, you will then enter the phantasmagorical microsonic theatre of BMB con.

Instrument Inventors Initiative,
Willem Dreespark 312
2531 XS, Den Haag NL

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