The Corners of the Mouth

03/03/2021, 19-21h

Online participatory event with Samah Hijawi, Philippine Hoegen, Eleni Kamma, Gosie Vervloessem

Since 2020, life online takes more importance and space/time than ever before. Contemporary communication and collaboration take many new forms, both online and physically.

The research project The Corners of the Mouth focusses on the hybrid life we are living under the current conditions. How can we make use of this hybridity in order to cultivate new forms of artistic expression and to strengthen the relation between the “I” and the “we”?

The aim of this first public event of The Corners of The Mouth is to offer perspectives on nourishing through reciprocal relations. There will be four performative works, for which you are invited to join in, together with whomever you share your home. Please find 4 recipes below. You’re welcome to prepare, by gathering the ingredients for, or preparing these simple “recipes”!

Location: online. This event will be recorded. In order to register, please send an email to You will be sent the recipes and the Zoom link.

This event is supported by the Culturele Activiteitenpremie of the Vlaamse Gemeenschap


Four recipes



Sent to you by Eleni Kamma

REC”I”PE + Bring your favourite beverage + Etherpad => ?

Reflective listening
Compromise and cooperation
I” Messages

The acronym of REC”I”PE by Matthew Kaplan, Professor of Intergenerational Programs and Aging (Pennsylvania State University) emphasizes the characteristics of effective communication.



A divination pistolet
Sent to you by Gosie Vervloessem

There is a huge confusion between the cave (a hot subterranean dwelling), the stomach (a hot subcutaneous dwelling) and the oven (the place where the bread gets its shape, where the magma turns into lava). Let’s dive into that confusion and bake a pistolet that externalizes our internal longings, wishes and fears lingering behind the corners of our mouth, under our skin, in our stomach, in our gut. During the evening I will guide you in baking a pistolet.


Ingredients to gather beforehand:

– 2 gr dry yeast

– 50 gr flour

– 30 ml of water

– a very generous pinch of salt

– baking paper


Prepare a working environment – a large cutting board, a corner of your kitchen desk, … and wear an apron.



A recipe for working (differently)

Sent to you by Philippine Hoegen


Do you tend to start the day with a to do list? Me too. I always think it will be liberating because “now I know what to do” and “now I won’t forget anything”. But then this list turns into a slippery tyrant that grows as much as it shrinks. It’s never quite done. I end up dragging it around with me for days, weeks…

Here’s an alternative you can try out on any working day before the performance. It would be great to see the outcomes.


-Write a list of all your tasks of the day on a piece of paper.

-Cut out all the words, put them in a tin or Tupperware.

-Shake well!

-Empty the words onto a clean surface.

-Look at the words as they have fallen, turn them over if necessary and nudge them into a new list.



Kitchen. Table. (Holy Cow and the Pomegranate)

Sent to you by Samah Hijawi


Starting from the pomegranate fruit, Samah invites you to make soup; a delicious recipe from the royal kitchens of the Abbasid Empire over a thousand years ago. Curl up on your couch and enjoy the soup while she weaves through questions and reflections on the metaphors and analogies of food making, memory, and the histories connected to them…inspired by the pomegranate.


Ingredients (feeds 4-6 persons)

3 Fresh pomegranates, seeded

½ cup long grain brown rice

¼ cup sesame seeds

1 tbsp. of grated ginger (or powdered ginger)

2 tsp. cumin


8 cups water

Some chilli flakes if you like chilli


Put everything in the pot and bring it to a boil, then put down the heat, stir occasionally for 30 minutes.


This event is kindly supported by the Culturele Activiteitenpremie of the Vlaamse Overheid