Tidal Zone Experiences

Tidal Zone Experiences is an exhibition of the Platform for Algae Diplomacy, created by the Brussels-based artists Filip Van Dingenen and Hélène Meyer. They have been part of Jubilee’s Summer School on Laeso (2022). Jubilee artists Clémentine Vaultier, Ciel Grommen and Maximiliaan Royakkers are among the participants of Tidal Zone Experiences.

20/04 – 25/05/2023. For different events, see dates below
Pilar Expo, Brussels

In a playful way the Platform for Algae Diplomacy studies seaweed rights and seaweed spirits. It encourages the visitor to be open to knowledge and guidance of local communities, plants and other-than-human entities. This exhibition examines how seaweed communities interact with sea plants and how they inhabit and entangle with complex ecosystems. It also explores how other-than-human encounters can be validated and can give us directions to connect with the broader ocean as a space and a critical zone.

With works by Filip van Dingenen, Che Go Eun, Pélagie Gbaguidi, Jean Katambayi Mukendi, Hélène Meyer, Alain Nsenga, Yemo Park, Clémentine Vaultier & Ciel Grommen & Maximiliaan Royakkers.

The Platform for Algae Diplomacy (Filip Van Dingenen & Hélène Meyer) is an open initiative created by a variety of sea plants together with artists, activists and critters. The Platform organizes lectures, performances, seaweed cuttings and ceremonial tastings/bathings. Inspired and choreographed by the tidal movements and migration patterns, and guided by the moon phases and its constellation, it pursues an interrelated linguistic embodiment of seaweed rights and seaweed spirits. The Platform on Algae Diplomacy acts as a model to identify and promote the needs and urgencies of critical resistance, to expand narratives and support the inclusion & equality of multiple voices. The Platform for Algae Diplomacy focuses on:

The Platform has realized workshops and exhibitions in a.o. Ireland, Norway, Belgium, France, Morocco and Turkey.

19/05/2023, 18-22h: Opening

18h –  Opening exhibition with a ceremonial buffet
During the opening night the installation of ceramic sculptures will be activated to serve specific dishes and other enriching experiences. Both the tasting recipes and ceremonial settings are inspired or refer to traditions and local narratives from seaweed communities around the world.

21-22h – Performance Out of the Blue by Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere / CAMPO
After their acclaimed performances Mining Stories and Pleasant Island, Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere present the final part of their trilogy on mining. This time they focus on a completely new industry: deep sea mining. With resources on land becoming increasingly scarce and overexploited, mining companies turn towards the ocean. Through a series of interviews and conversations, an intimate portrait of this new industry emerges.

The exhibition is freely accessible, no ticket needed. For the performance a ticket (€9 (-26y) or €12) must be purchased here

27/04/2023, 19-21:30: Learning from the ocean as a space

A conversation with Filip Van Dingenen (Platform for Algae Diplomacy), Marc Kochzius (VUB) and Joost Wouters (The Seaweed Company), moderated by Heidi Ballet.

Taking the ocean as a space, one could ask: what can humans learn from sea plants or macroalgae (seaweed) in terms of migration? Just as flying is a form of thinking for birds, the floating movements in oceanic space are important for kelps & algae. How and what can we – humans – learn from the ‘choreographic conditions’ generated by tidal patterns and moon phases when guided by seaweed and kelp? What can we learn from these choreographic conditions of algae in the ocean as a space? And how can we include an animist perspective in a European legal context?

10/05/2023, 13:30-17:30: Algae to ashes, ashes to glazes

A moment of knowledge exchange around the fire on algae glazing with The Atlas of Ovens

The Atlas of Ovens is an artistic research project that explores the physical and social aspects of heat practices. It is a collaboration between Clémentine Vaultier, Maximiliaan Royakkers and Ciel Grommen, who bring their backgrounds in architecture and ceramics into the project. By studying and using infrastructures that contain and guide heat, such as ovens, they explore how to transform matter while also examining our relationships to communities and territories. As part of their research, they host workshops with different heat practitioners, including stove builders and bakers.

In the context of the Tidal Zone Experiences exhibition, they invite Jean-François Paquay, a specialist in ceramics and ash glazing, to explore the potential of using algae for sustainable glazing. On May 10 they will set up the fire to go through the full process of algae to ashes, ashes to glazes. They invite anthropologists, historians, archeologists, scientists, engineers and anyone who is interested in algae or in making fire to pass by at any moment that afternoon, discover and exchange their expertise.

Registration is no longer possible, the workshop is full

Followed by Ancestors & Cultural Heritage, a conversation on ceremonies and traditions with artists Yemo Park and Filip Van Dingenen and researcher Mihnea Tănăsescu. 19-21h, participation is free but registration required.


20/04 – 25/05/2023

Pilar Expo, Brussels
Triomflaan, VUB Entrance 6
1050 Brussels

Opening hours:
Wednesday-Saturday: 14-20h. On days with an event: 14h-22h

Entrance: free. For the performance during the opening, a ticket is required. See above.

A programme in collaboration with VUB Crosstalks

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