30 ans de festival, le printemps de septembre

Vincent Meessen contributed to the publication 30 ans de festival looking back on the festival Le printemps de septembre (Toulouse)

Le Printemps de Septembre, founded in 1991 by Marie-Thérèse Perrin, is a pioneer in several respects: it was one of the first contemporary art festivals in France, the inventor of the Nuits Blanches, the revelation of ‘artists’ photography’ (la photographie plasticienne) in Cahors, and open to all forms of visual and living creation since its installation in Toulouse in 2001. Through the history of the event, this book addresses some of the essential questions that have nourished and that animate the field of creation at the turn of the 21st century. In order to draw up this reflection, researchers, thinkers and curators have been invited, who draw their references from the history of the festival.

With texts by Christian Bernard, Jean-Max Colard, Régis Durand and Michel Poivert, Isabelle Gaudefroy, Marie-Thérèse Perrin and Évelyne Toussaint.

Contribution by Vincent Meessen, who participated in Le printemps de septembre in 2016 and 2018, is titled ‘Le Bleu et le Noir’.

Language: French

Graphic design: Agnès Dahan
Publishing: JBE Books

A book presentation takes place on 18/09/2021, 11h:
3, rue de Mirepoix, 31000 Toulouse (France)

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