Group exhibition curated by Hanni Kamaly with work by Vincent Meessen at the Lundskonsthall in Lund, Sweden

10/09 – 22/01/2023

Opening: 09/09/2022, 18-20h

BEHOLD, WE ARE HERE is shaped around artistic practices that reflect on the position of the subject in contemporary society through a critical rereading of historical narratives.

The participating artists offer us complexities from the point of view of the political subject in relation to histories that are both intimate and global. Their work questions public and collective memory and examines the past as it continues to impact the present. Whose stories are forgotten? What role do history and memory play in the formation of the Self? In which way are current structures and economies entangled with collective and individual pasts?

The exhibition speaks of transgressing borders as a foundation of desire, juxtaposing political narratives with images of beauty and grace. It highlights the political subject, as framed through power structures and boundaries, while also questioning its definition. It also brings together local and geographically distant perspectives on the construction of historical narratives that shape our political landscape.

Curated by Hanni Kamaly

Participating Artists: Ikram Abdulkadir, Aftenskole, Meriç Algün, Arkiv S, Rebeca Carapiá, Madubuko Diakité, Susanna Jablonski, Vincent Meessen, Roberto N Peyre

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