Vincent Meessen’s Ultramarine will be screened at the European Media Art Festival (EMAF) No. 32

EMAF No.32
Media Art Festival with Vincent Meessen
Lohstraße 45a
49074 Osnabrück, Germany

Screening Ultramarine on 27April 2019


Blue is the chromatic, historical and discursive filter through which a performance by African-American poet Kain unfolds. The famed precursor of hip-hop in the late ’60s delivers his “spoken word” as the Belgian percussionist Lander Gyselinck improvises to the flow of his utterances. Throughout the performance various museum objects — funeral figurines, automaton, astrolabe, mappa mundi, textiles —are juxtaposed to Kain’s own props. They invoke affective retrospections on exile and belonging, slave routes and colonial trade.

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