Vita Nova

Vincent Meessen‘s Vita Nova will be screened at Kino Rex Bern during  Komplexe Bilder 2: Koloniale Spuren und Erinnerung, the second edition of the Kunst und Film: Komplexe Bilder programme

Komplexe Bilder 2: Koloniale Spuren und Erinnerung
Art and film programme with Vincent Meessen
At Kino Rex Bern
Schwanengasse 9, Bern

Screening Vita Nova on 2 April 2019 at 6:30 PM


Vita Nova is the original title of a novel by Roland Barthes that only exists in the form of preparatory notes. The book was never realised. Vincent Meessen repeats the title of this “future work” and through lack of substance he adopts the dividing line between criticism and narrative. Vita Nova questions the realism – by pretending to be a documentary essay – as a story-discourse, where the mythology never ceases to torment the documentary’s will towards truthfulness. A cover of Paris Match from 1955, known from Barthes’ Mythologies publication (1957), shows a cadet who salutes the French flag. In Vita Nova this notorious icon of postcolonial criticism becomes an archive loaded with hidden meaning.

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