Hantises – Biennale Koltès

Screening of Vita Nova by Vincent Meessen, collection FRAC Lorraine

19/11/2016,  14h
Location: FRAC Lorraine 49 Nord 6 Est
1 bis, rue des Trinitaires
F-57000 Metz

Next to several of his theatre plays, an international seminar will be dedicated on november 3-5 to the famous writer Bernard-Marie Koltès. This third Koltès Biennale will take place in his hometown of Metz and will focus on haunting and spectres in Koltès’ theatre and more generally in contemporay theater. Some films connected to « spectography »  will be screened among other by Brian de Palma, Raoul Ruiz, Vincent Meessen and Dorothee Smith. Vita Nova acquired by the FRAC Lorraine will be screened and  followed by Philippe Choulet’s talk.

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