Working Space

Help us find new space(s) for artist studios in Brussels

Jubilee is part of a diverse group of artists and art organizations that are looking for space in Brussels to organize affordable and qualitative artist studios.

We are currently based in the former Actiris offices in the heart of Brussels, but soon we will have to make way for the owner to go ahead with the foreseen development plans. In this specific set-up we are putting more than 4000m² of space to good use by offering working possibilities to more than 81 individual artists and cultural workers and over 6 organizations. In addition, there are 157 people on our waiting list.

To ensure the future of all artists and non-profit organizations involved, we are on the lookout for our next home. We are able to manage the same amount of square meters that we currently do and even more, since the lack of affordable working space for artists and non-profit organizations is a well-known issue in the Brussels area, and the demand continues to exceed the offer.

What exactly are we looking for?

We are looking for a way to align our needs with those of vacant property owners. Be it a building left entirely empty, one or several vacant floors in an otherwise put-to-use property, or several smaller spaces spread out over different locations. We would be more than happy to sit down with all kinds of estate managers, going from (local) government structures, religious congregations, port authorities, private individuals, or corporates. We are interested in using the space on a leasehold base, rental contract, a loan or an agreement for temporary occupation.

Our added value

Although we are many and our profiles are diverse, a specific non-profit structure was created to deal with the overall management and safekeeping of the buildings we run. This means you will have a single point of contact (asbl/vzw) who is responsible for all contacts and sub-contracts with the artists.

We ensure proper maintenance and management of the spaces, for which we have built up extensive experience in the last eight years.

Full-time use of vacant property by artists and non-profit organizations is not merely a way to avoid taxes on vacant property, or a means to prevent dilapidation or trespassing. It is a concrete and real contribution to the development of the arts in Brussels and an act of corporate social responsibility.

The terms of our cooperation are negotiated until we reach a mutual agreement. A legally binding contract will be the cornerstone of our partnership.

Do you own vacant property?

For all questions, additional information, meetings or offers, you can reach us on 0470 653 278 or