Artistic practice in times of changing economies

Collective Research Project

Research and Reflection
Jubilee, initiated by Justin Bennett, Vincent Meessen, Katrien Reist, Katleen Vermeir and Ronny Heiremans, sprung from the desire to set up a platform to support artists whose (audio-visual) practices develop from a long-term and cross-disciplinary research with a discursive output. In its first year as platform, Jubilee focuses on a self-reflexive research into what the potential for such a ‘cooperation’ can be.

Today, artists are asked to profile themselves as ‘entrepreneurs on the market’ and to promote their products. Jubilee wants to question the economic assumptions that this tendency implies. What kind of market are we talking about? And which values exactly are taken into consideration in this context and from what ethical perspective? Can we develop alternatives to counter and resist the current concepts?

Taking its daily practices as a starting point, Jubilee set out to look deeper into the economical reality of today’s artistic practice and share the complex questions that define the current working field with a number of peers: artists, collectors, gallerists, as well as policy makers, economists and lawyers.


Lectures and Workshops
The perspective from which Jubilee works is always that of the artist and the artistic practice. Hence it attributes great importance to contextualising the research in an artistic programme, consisting of screenings, performances and presentations. Jubilee actively connects to other groups, production platforms and initiatives, and reflects with an in-depth background knowledge of the ‘art and economy’ discourse.

Jubilee strongly believes in the potential of the (re-)valuation of sharing and exchanging knowledge, resources, and networks, in order to generate collective value. The main purpose of the series of lectures and workshops is to generate an artistic/discursive output, and making this accumulated knowledge visible and accessible to third parties.

Jubilee will use this knowledge to define the final conception of itself as an alternative production platform.