The Other Country / L’autre pays

Volume IV of Vincent Meessen‘s publication project Prospectus

On the occasion of the solo exhibitions Sire, je suis de l’ôtre pays (WIELS, 2016), and Omar in May (Centre Pompidou, 2018) Vincent Meessen edited this artist book. It includes essays by Pedro Monaville, Stefano Collicelli Cagol and Ruth Baumeister, a dialogue between Tom McDonough and Vincent Meessen, a visual essay by Vincent Meessen and reprints or the first publication of texts by Guy Debord, Omar Blondin Diop and Diangani Lungela.

The Other Country / L’autre pays will be presented on May 11, 2018, at Centre Pompidou during Omar in Memoriam.

Chief editor: Vincent Meessen
Copyediting: Emiliano Battista, Benoît Roussel
Proofreading: Caroline Dumalin, Vincent Meessen, Isabella Ritchie
Translation En-Fr: Charlotte Woillez
Translation Fr-En: Emiliano Battista, Bill Brown, Jesse van Winden
Graphic design: Speculoos (Sophie Boiron, Pierre Huyghebaert)

Archival documents from Archives du Centre Pompidou, Archives Famille Blondin Diop, Archives nationales de Dakar, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, Montréal, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Fonds Debord, Beinecke Library Yale University, Cinim, Jean-Luc Godard/ Archives Michel Séméniako, Centre des Archives diplomatique de Nantes and private collections

Photography: Bouba Diallo (cover front), Private collections, Guy Debord, Philippe de Gobert, Jacqueline de Jong, Leo Dohmen, Fondation Le Corbusier, Getty Images, Jean-Luc Godard, INA, Matthieu Joubert, Audrey Laurans, Sven Laurent, R. Lenin, Vincent Meessen, Museum Jorn, Marilu Parolini, Taipei Biennale

Publishing and distribution: WIELS, contemporary art centre (Brussels) and Sternberg Press (Berlin), in collaboration with Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou (Paris)
Supported by Jubilee—platform for artistic research, and a/r (art & recherche, Brussels)
Printing: Cassochrome, Waregem
English/French, 128 pages, colour, paperback, 2018

© 2018 the editors, authors, WIELS and Sternberg Press
ISBN: 9783956794025

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