Jubilee is a platform for artistic research, run by a group of artists and other researchers


Ciel Grommen, Maximiliaan Royakkers and Clémentine Vaultier participate in a project by Sophie Dars & Carlo Menon (Accattone), winning the Prix Charles Abella, at Concours d’architecture de l’Académie des beaux-arts, Paris
13/12/2023 – 31/01/2024

Agents of Concern: Images and Empathy
Vincent Meessen shows Vita Nova in a group exhibition by research group FRAME (PXL-MAD School of Arts & Hasselt University), at Cultuurcentrum Hasselt (CCHA)
16/11/2023 — 28/01/2024

Suskewiet Visions
Solo exhibition by Filip Van Dingenen at Waldburger Wouters, Brussels
18/11/2023 – 20/01/2024



Co-creation: situating the self within cooperative art practices
Workshop by Stijn Van Dorpe at the international symposium Collective Energy: Commissioned Artwork and Public Space at Halle aux Sucres, Dunkirk
12 & 13/01/2024, 8:30-18:30h



Cadavre Exquis
Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans take part in a discussion and screen two video pieces at Cinema Nova, Brussels
02/02/2024, 18:30h


Reading Rooms

Reading Room #28: Fred Dewey and School of Public Life
The first in a new series of Reading Rooms around the library of the American thinker and organiser Fred Dewey, a collective reading and discussion around his The School of Public Life (2014)
23/01/2024, 18-20h

Reading Room #29: Fred Dewey and The Ignorant Schoolmaster
In the series of Reading Rooms around Fred Dewey, a collective reading and discussion around Jacques Rancière’s The Ignorant Schoolmaster (1987)
13/02/2024, 18-20h



16th Bienal de Cuenca: Maybe Tomorrow
Vincent Meessen shows his historical photography project Cuerpo Diplomatico, at the Biennale of Cuenca, Ecuador
08/12/2023 – 08/03/2024



What is (Not) Had: Reflections on Emptor
In this essay, art historian Steyn Bergs reflects on Jubilee’s collective research project Emptor.

Lost And Found, And Lost Again While Addressing a Herd of Elephants in the Room
A collective essay by Ciel Grommen, Loes Jacobs, Maximiliaan Royakkers, Clémentine Vaultier, Vermeir & Heiremans and Atelier Cartographique, about the development of a mapping tool for situated practices. Published in Techniques Journal (forthcoming 2024)

Fair Kin Arts Almanac
The voices of more than 130 artists, thinkers, writers and other creatures addressing ecology, parenthood, the need to rest in a life that never stops, the urgency for space and infrastructure for artists, redistribution of resources, accessibility of the sector, artistic involvement in politics and much more.



Volatile Properties. A Modest Proposal revisited
Contribution by Vermeir & Heiremans in the Special issue of the online journal Finance & Society on Volatility in finance, art, and culture.


Collective research

Emptor, an artistic research on the ecology of artistic practice
Emptor, a chapter that is being set up from 2021 onwards by Jubilee, continues along the methodology and efforts of Jubilee’s collective research project Caveat, actively applying the practice-based approach to ‘property’, an element that highly defines the economy of visual arts. Just as ‘the contract’ functioned as a filter and landing stage in Caveat, ‘property’ functions as a central notion, linking different discussions and research trajectories.